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  • Server Limitations: Outgoing SMTP Server Limitations
    Answer: Sending Emails For emails you are sending, the limits are: WebMail – 50 emails per day Desktop client or device – 500 emails per hour, with 100 recipients ...

  • Server Limitations: Incoming POP/IMAP Server Limitations
    Answer: Please see the below limitations for incoming;  Each mailbox has a capacity of 1GB by default. This can be increased to 2GB and then extra 2GB ...

  • Webmail: Using Webmail to send emails (Basics)
    Answer: Sending Mail Via your WebMail email account, you can send email to any active mailbox account on the Internet. With the powerful HTML-Editor feature (IE4/IE5 ...

  • Webmail: Check Your Email Online
    Answer: We provide our customers with email accounts that have the ability to access remotely through thier website webmail interface. The following is a quick and easy ...

  • Common Questions: How do I setup an autoresponder (vacation) message?
    Answer: All your email settings can be controlled through your eXtend Control Panel. Simply log into your control panel and select 'Email Configuration'. From the next ...


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